No fake Magnum Tonic Wine in circulation


ANSA McAL Trading Limited, which is the sole distributor of Magnum Tonic Wine is informing the general public that there is no fake Magnum Tonic Wine in circulation.

Wray & Nephew Limited, which is the exclusive manufacturer of Magnum Tonic Wine and owner of the Magnum Tonic Wine brand, categorically denied recent social media reports that there are counterfeit Magnum Tonic Wines in circulation.

Magnum Tonic Wine brand currently utilizes two bottles since 2010 in the packaging of the product.

Both bottles are identical, except for the embossing on the bottle which includes the numbers at the bottom.

One bottle has no numbers at the bottom and the other has visible numbers that can be felt by touch.  The liquid contained in both bottles is absolutely the same.

ANSA McAL Trading Limited are kindly asking members of the public to refrain from spreading this misinformation.

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