Rotary Club of Demerara’s Off-Road Rally set for October 5


By Avenash Ramzan

Touted as an activity to promote fellowship and teamwork, generate funds for outreaches and create an awareness of nature and the environment, the Rotary Club of Demerara will on Saturday October 5 host an Off-Road Rally within the environs of Kuru Kururu, Marudi and the Linden/Soesdyke Highway.

At the launch on Friday at the Savannah Room of Pegasus Hotel, President Hansraj Singh and fellow Rotarians Lancelot Khan and Bhageshwar Murli spoke of the origin of the initiative, the various routes, security and medical services available on the day.

Also onboard as a partner are: Ideal/Hankook Tyres, Readymix Concrete, Windjammer Hotel and Powerline Auto Products


Other than having donations from the corporate community to execute its mandate, Singh said the Rotary Club of Demerara does fundraising throughout the year and this Off-Road Rally is one such venture.

“It’s a novelty idea that was brought to the Club’s fundraising committee by members and generally from the public who wanted to see this type of activity, because there’s lots of interest right now in Guyana with all these people having Off-Road vehicles, bikes and ATVs and not having a coordinated activity to participate in other than visiting those hinterland communities and (participating in) the safari,” Singh explained.

According to Singh, the Club will use “cutting edge technology” to ensure “a successful event, one that is safe, well organised and has value for money with sponsors.”

While the participants head off on the various routes, there will be a base set-up at the Marudi Resort where Rotarians and members of the public will gather in a family-oriented atmosphere.

Four routes

The participants will be sent on their course at 08:00h and are expected back by 15:00h, Khan noted.

“The four routes will take you towards the South Dakota Circuit, Linden town and then aback of Dora, slightly close to the Pakuri trail that leads to the Pakuri village. Each one of these routes is accessible just off the Linden/Soesdyke Highway,” Khan highlighted.

“The reason why we’re doing this is for fellowship among friends and families. We here at Rotary Demerara like to work hard and play hard so we try to do both together. This event will also foster teamwork because participants will be required to work in teams if they want to be successful; for example, one person will be driving and one person navigating.”

In order to win, which would require the most number of points overall, participants must safely traverse the routes within a given time, check-in at specific points along the way, identify specific items among the routes and observe and remember key facts about specific checkpoints.

“The routes will have an entry point and an exit point in which your time will be logged- so you can’t get to the end of the route too fast or too slowly, points would be deducted,” Khan stated. “It’s a combination of skill, time (and) information, so it’s pretty packed.”

Security and Medical

According to Murli, a medical team would be stationed at the base in the event of any mishap. The event, he stated, would be monitored live to ensure timely interventions.

“For immediate medical attention if anyone has a problem and they’re extracted from any one of the routes we’ll address them at that location depending on what the situation is,” Murli said.

In the case of evacuation, an ambulance or helicopter will provide transport to either the Georgetown Public Hospital or the Eugene F. Corriera International Airport.

“In terms of security, Rotary Demerara has engaged the Guyana Police Force and they have indicated that they will provide support. The Guyana Defence Force would have been informed and they’re the ones that will be rendering assistance with the ambulance,” Murli added.

General safety rules

  • The driver is strictly prohibited from drinking while navigating the routes
  • Seat belts must always be worn when the vehicle is in motion
  • Speed limits must be observed, along with road signs, in accordance with the road safety regulations
  • Teams will consist of as many persons as the vehicle is legally authorised to transport with seat belts.


Persons desirous of participating can download the Online Form from the Rotary Club of Demerara Facebook page or uplift hard copies from the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club. The registration fee is G$15,000 per vehicle and G$5,000 per bike.

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