Shuman ready for March 2020 elections but still to confirm slate


Head of the Liberty and Justice Party (JLP) Lenox Shuman on Friday welcomed President David Granger’s announcement that general elections will be held on March 2, 2020.

At a press conference held at his Cowan Street, Georgetown office, the LJP Leader said these elections are long overdue but asserted his party’s readiness to contest the elections.

Shuman stopped short of naming and confirming his party’s slate but urged the other political parties to conduct themselves above board in the forthcoming campaign season.

He said there should be no room for fearmongering in an environment aimed at free and fair elections.

Shuman is confident that the LJP is well-positioned to secure a lot of votes at the elections but hasten to urged political parties who find themselves on both the winning and losing sides post elections to find a way to work together for the people of Guyana.

He said he personally supported the APNU+AFC coalition but explained that a Government of national unity must not only work in theory but in practice.

Although guarded of its campaign strategy, Shuman said the LJP intends to target the over 60% of young voters, the 11% indigenous voters and the 18% mixed.

He said if the LJP secures just half of those votes it could become the next Government. Notwithstanding, the newly formed party wants to ensure it becomes a part of the political decision making after the next elections.

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