More Nappi residents get water to their homes for first time


An additional 20 homes are now benefiting from the newly drilled well and water supply system in Nappi, Region 9, Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) has announced.

GWI reported that Toshao of the village, Guy Fredericks, said he was elated to have a water service connection reach his home for the very first time.

His father, Mr. Vincent Mano, was also overjoyed to have potable water in his yard after 71 years living in the village. As a result, they were able to construct their very own shower.

The sanitary block at the nursery school and the school’s kitchen are also getting access to water.

A shower constructed by a resident in Nappi

A trestle is expected to be constructed, which would allow the community a 24-hour water supply.

In neighbouring villages Parishara and Hiawa, residents also expressed their satisfaction with the work carried out by GWI to improve their water supply.

In these areas, residents and key facilities such as the health centers, schools and hot meal buildings are benefiting from the water supply system.

At the water supply system in Parishara, solar panels are now connected to the existing pump and storage tanks, then to a C2 filter, after which it is distributed to the community.

Residents there are now benefiting from 24 hours service. Over in Hiawa, the pump and discharge lines were installed on the well and the solar panels, GWI stated.



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