Family attacked, robbed by 10 knife-wielding bandits after cricket match


Two brothers and their female cousin of Ruimzeight, West Coast of Demerara were robbed by a group of men after the CPL cricket match Saturday night held at the Providence Stadium, East Bank Demerara.

Kishan Rameshwar, his brother Vickram and cousin Trisha Persaud were robbed of three cellphones worth $240,000, $60,000 and $80,000 respectively; personal documents including ID cards, bank cards and driver’s license and approximately $130,000 in cash.

The trio was attacked as they were walking from the Stadium to the Demerara Harbour Bridge where a car was waiting to take them home. The incident occurred just after 01:00hrs.

“Just after we passed Princess Hotel heading over the bridge to Nandy park we were greeted by a group of approximately 10 guys who seemed to be in their 20’s who immediately rushed up and attacked us along with two other persons,” Kishan told the News Room.

He said that the men were armed with knives. The trio screamed for help but no one came to their rescue, Kishan said.

“After I tried to resist them, I was lifted and thrown to the road where they took everything from my pockets including my iPhone XS Max, my keys, wallet containing ID card, bank card, driver’s license and a sum of cash.”

Two other persons who were in close proximity were also robbed of their bags and other belongings.

Kishan said he reported to the incident to a Police Officer, who advised him to visit the Providence Police Station.

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