Vendor, granddaughter beaten, robbed by bandits in Port Mourant


A watermelon vendor and her 17-year-old granddaughter remain in a traumatized state after they were attacked, beaten and robbed by three bandits who invaded their Miss Phoebe Port Mourant, East Berbice Corentyne house in Region 6 Friday night.

Drupattie Harpaul and the teenager, Lena Harpaul were beaten to the head and had to be treated for injuries at the Port Mourant Hospital after the bandits, who were armed with a gun, cutlass and crowbar, pounced on them.

The News Room understands that the elderly woman received six stitches to her head, while the young lady is still in pain.

The vendor and the teenager were preparing watermelons to take to the Port Mourant market

The incident occurred at approximately 20:30hrs as the vendor and the teenager were in the bottom flat preparing watermelons to take to the Port Mourant market for Saturday morning sales.

The teen’s mother, Radika Harpaul told the News Room she was upstairs when heard screams and so she locked herself in the bedroom.

Radika said one of the bandits found his way upstairs and held her husband at gunpoint as he demanded money.

The constant screams from the family alerted the neighbours and forced the bandits to flee with only three cellphones.

No arrests have been made as the Police continue their investigation.

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