500 new house-lots, 150 new jobs for Linden 


Lindeners can expect more jobs as well as housing opportunities, President David Granger announced when he met with residents in Linden on Saturday evening.

The Head of State told residents of the mining town that the Government will continue to support the improvement of internet access in Linden through the establishment of a call centre in Kara Kara which will create approximately 150 jobs.

“We have collaborated in the construction of a women’s shelter in Richmond Hill and we will build two new community centres in Amelia’s Ward and Blueberry Hill. We will erect a vocational training centre right here in Linen and undertake the construction of a primary and nursery school, and a dormitory for the Linden Technical Institute,” the Head of State said.

On new housing, the Head of State, revealed a plan for Amelia’s Ward.

President David Granger [DPI photo]
“We’re going to develop 500 additional house-lots in Amelia’s Ward and we are going to commission two new wells through Guyana Water Incorporated.”

Addressing the residents, the Head of State said the National Decade of Development will be launched in 2020 and will see more emphasis being placed on education. President Granger reminded that the Coalition Government, in four short years has invested $170Billion in the education sector.

He also highlighted that under his administration, the Five B’s programme [free Boats, Buses, Bicycles, Books and Breakfast], which was implemented, resulted in improved attendance records for students, and more importantly, in examination results.

He committed to ensuring that the education budget increases annually so students can have access to a quality education.

His message of development was well received by the residents.

During his visit to Linden on Saturday, the Head of State also commissioned another school bus which will be used to transport school-aged children, free of cost, to and from schools. (Extracted and modified from Department of Public Information)

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