Family shocked after young mother of two commits suicide


A young Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder mother of two committed suicide on Tuesday, leaving her family in a state of shock.

Dead is 27-year-old Bibi Sheeniza Hoosein of Lot 224 Mibicuri. She was found by her husband in a semi- conscious state on the bedroom floor.

The News Room understands that the young mother locked herself in the room following an argument with her husband, identified only as ‘Murphy.’

Murphy told the News Room that he became suspicious following the high scent of a toxic substance and ran upstairs where he kicked the door down.

He then made the gruesome discovery. Bibi was taken to the Mibicuri Hospital where she died shortly after.

She leaves to mourn her two children, ages 8 and 3.

Meanwhile, when contacted family members of the young woman expressed shock at the incident and noted that she never displayed signs of any issue bothering her.

The family is struggling to come to grips with the incident. Bibi was described as a caring and quiet individual who put her family first.

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