Favourites snatch wins in Lucozade Handicap Squash


The Lucozade Handicap Squash tournament reached its second round with some enthralling matches on Thursday evening at the Georgetown Club. Title favourites Zachary Persaud, Luis DaSilva and Deja Dias were among the winners.

In Category A, Zachary Persaud took on Dhirren Persaud and prevailed in a three-game bout.

Despite a fight in the second game by Dhirren as he climbed to eight points to cut Zachary off before he got into positive score from his -8 start, Zachary came through with a 15-11, 0-15, 15-11 victory.

DaSilva, who seems to be storming to the final, bested Safirah Summer in just two games, easily winning 15- 11, 15-12. Likewise, Shiloh Asregado topped Lucas Persaud 15-10, 15-12.

In the Open Category, 2018 runner-up Dias came from the largest handicap in the competition -15 to outplay Regan Rodrigues 11-15 15-11, 15-11.

Daniel Ince fought an in-form Nicholas Verwey with a one-point handicap difference in another three-game match-up.

Despite moments of pure expertise from Ince, reminiscent of his earlier squash days, the younger and fitter Verwey displayed outstanding retrieval capability and was able to climb back in the third game for a 15-11, 14-15, 15-12 victory.

Play continues in the Open Category, Category A and Plate divisions on Friday. The semi-finals are on Saturday and the finals on Sunday from 11:00h.

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