Body of missing fisherman found at Abary with hands and feet tied


The body of one the four missing fishermen was discovered with his hands and feet tied on the Abary Foreshore on Friday afternoon.

The body was identified as that of 36-year-old Kawal Kissoon known as ‘Ajay’ of Letter Kenny Village.

While the body was discovered on Friday by residents who informed the Police, the remains were only identified on Saturday afternoon by Kissoon’s wife, Tashmanie Seecharran who received a telephone call from the Police at around 15:00hrs.

The distraught woman identified her husband’s body at the Fort Wellington Hospital Mortuary by a tattoo with the name ‘King’ while she has a matching ‘Queen’ tattoo along with the clothing he was wearing.

Seecharran broke down in tears and told the News Room that she had faith that he was alive.

She noted that when the Police arrived with the news that the boat was found on Friday, she remained calm and still had hope her husband was alive after seeing the blood-stained vessel.

Her worse fears were confirmed when she arrived at the Fort Wellington Hospital.

Kawal Kissoon with his wife,Tashmanie Seecharran and their baby girl

Kissoon left his home in good spirits and kissed his family goodbye on Saturday last hoping to return with a good catch but they were reportedly attacked by pirates.

From all indications, it appeared he was tortured before being killed. The search continues for the other three young fishermen who left the Number 65 Wharf on Saturday, October 5.

But their boat was found abandoned on Friday at the Wellington Park Foreshore in East Berbice Corentyne with bloodstains; the engine and a piece of seine are missing.

The missing men are boat captain, Vishnu Seeram called ‘Kevin’ 20, of Miss Phoebe Port Mourant; 20-year-old Marvin Tamessar called ‘Buddy’ and 20-year-old Lamar Petrie of Miss Phoebe, Port Mourant.

Inside the abandoned boat, Police found clothing that belongs to the fishermen along with other items.

Kissoon leaves to mourn his wife and 8-month old daughter

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