Businessman killed in daylight robbery


Police are investigating a robbery which occurred in front of the El Dorado Trading establishment at 63 DaSilva Street, Newtown Kitty Georgetown on Monday morning leaving one person dead.

The News Room was told that Charity, Essequibo Coast gold miner Deon Stoll died while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

The man was going to the establishment to conduct business. El Dorado Trading is regarded as one of the country’s top private gold dealers.

Stoll was shot while sitting in motorcar #PPP 6727 while he waited on the security to open the gate so he could enter and transact his business.

The driver, who exited the vehicle, was also shot along with the security who works at El Dorado Trading company.

News Room understands that a white 212 Toyota Carina drove behind Stoll’s vehicle and stopped once Stoll’s vehicle waited to gain entry to El Dorado Trading.

The scene infront of the business on Monday morning

Subsequently, two persons exited the vehicle, robbed the businessman and discharged several shots injuring the three persons.

 “A next white car pulled up behind them shortly and shots start fire…them get something and them jump in their car and drive away,” one neighbour told the media.

Neighbours believe the motorcar was traced to the location.

 “Got to be traced…nobody ain’t gon know the car coming just so, they got to be following them (the victim).”

One man who does not want to be identified related: “I been in the shop, all I hear is the shots. I got a licensed weapon to so I go up for it and when I come outside deh, the car done gone and I see the man bleeding. I call 911 and get the police to come.”

He noted that the company usually opens for business at 08:00 hrs but he is unaware of any similar instances occurring in the past.

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