Sparta Boss, Charlotte Street to clash in GT Beer/Keep Your Five Alive opener


Sparta Boss, the defending champions of the annual ‘GT Beer/Keep Your Five Alive’ Futsal Tournament, will open their quest for another title against Charlotte Street, when the competition kicks off on Thursday (October 17) at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

With over $1M up for grabs in prize money this year, the tournament which is in its seventh edition, will open with a ‘bang’, since apart from the mouthwatering clash being Sparta and Charlotte Street, Upsetters and Bad-A-Yard will get things going from 19:00h, followed by North East vs Back Circle, Leopold vs Avacado Ballers, Show Stoppers vs LA Ballers, BS vs Stabroek Ballers and Tiger Bay vs Bagotstown.

Bent Street and Broad Street will collide in the seventh game of the night, followed by Alexander Village taking on Old School Ballers.

Promoter Kevin Adonis disclosed that this year’s competition has been tailored to provide riveting action throughout the seven days, while unlike previous years where the top two teams were the only ones compensated this year will see the top four teams winning cash in excess of $1million.

Adonis said he has acquiesced to a request made by the teams and will now reward the top four teams with cash prizes and other incentives.

Another change that Adonis has made is that the total teams invited to the tournament has moved from 32 to 24 and they will be divided into six groups of four with the top two from each advancing automatically to the knockout phase along with the best four third placed finishers following the completion of the round robin stage.

The teams invited are: Gold is Money, Sparta Boss, Leopold Street, Tiger Bay, Albouystown, BV, Melanie, Vryheid’s Lust, Avacado Ballers, Future Stars, Back Circle, North East La Penitence, Showstoppers, Broad Street, Alexander Village, GWI, Upsetters, LA Ballers, Bagotstown, Sophia, Spot 7, Charlotte Street, OL Skool Ballers and Bent Street.

Among the corporate entities that have signalled their intention to support the tournament are: GT Beer, Hits and Jams 94.1 Boom FM, Star Party Rentals, Royal Castle, Prime Security, Fireside Grill and Chill, Keep It Clean Car Wash Flashback 2020 and BK International.

Day One Fixtures

Upsetters vs Bad-A-Yard

North East vs Back Circle

Leopold Street vs Avacado Ballers

Show Stoppers vs LA Ballers

BV vs Stabroek Ballers

Tiger Bay vs Bagotstown

Bent Street vs Broad Street

Alexander Village vs Old School Ballers

Sparta vs Charlotte Street

Day Two Fixtures

Alexander Village vs Charlotte Street

Upsetters vs North East

LA Ballers vs Broad Street

Sophia A vs Spot 7

Future Stars vs BV

Albouystown vs Stabroek Ballers

Bent Street vs Show Stoppers

Gold is Money vs Sophia B

Sparta vs Old School Ballers

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