Berbice mother, son beaten for $2500


Police are investigating the robbery of a Liverpool, Corentyne Berbice mother and son which occurred on Wednesday night.

Chabadai Ketwaroo, 57, of Lot 16 Liverpool who operates a grocery shop in the lower flat of her house recalled that she was in the kitchen preparing dinner when she heard her son screaming.

Her son Anand ‘Ricky’ Ketwaroo, 39, was gun-butted to his forehead and had to receive several stitches.

The mother told the News Room she was attacked by three men with guns, one of whom held her son at gunpoint while the others demanded that she hand over cash.

Ketwaroo stated one of the men grabbed her by the neck and covered her mouth so that she would not scream.

“He take me back inside on the couch and he hit me in my head with the gun and continue to choke me saying give he the money, don’t scream! don’t scream.”

She said at one point, the gunman choked her until she could not breathe while the others searched the house.

The bandits only managed to escape with her son’s gold chain and $2,500 which was in the cash register after Ketwaroo managed to escape outside and screamed for help.

“My son run out too, he had blood running down his face. He run over the road and call for the neighbours who called the police.”

Ketwaroo remains in a traumatised state with a bruised neck and is in immense pain.

This is the fifth time the family has been attacked by bandits in recent years. They have been operating the grocery shop for 19 years.

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