Mad Dog’s Supra brings the buzz at ‘1320 Heat’ rematch


Deryck ‘Mad Dog’ Jaisingh and his beastly Toyota Supra ran wild at the 1320 Heat Rematch  Drag Racing event organised by the Guyana Motor Racing  & Sports Club at South Dakota Circuit on Sunday.

In the absence of Team Mohamed’s, who did not turn up at the track due to electrical issues with both of their Nissan GT-Rs, Jaisingh and his S&D Performance powered machine were unmatched in their exploits to win the Unlimited category.

In a solo run, Jaisingh clocked 8.740 seconds, and even defeated Trans Pacific’s Altezza in an exhibition run early in the day. Rameez Mohamed and the Atlezza won the nine-second class.

Team work makes Dream work! Damion Persaud, Deryck Jaisingh and Shawn Persaud were top team on Sunday

Another thrilling encounter was Damion Persaud, the son of Shawn Persaud, reeling in Peter Daby’s Supra late at the line. The Supra, which was driven by Rafael Perez, got an early lead but Peraud kept on the gas to pip him at the line and clock 10.459 seconds.

It proved to the biggest thrill of the day, which had  Shawn jumping  in jubilation and more so, it   gave the  fans  who were disappointed over the absence of the GT-Rs something to remember.

Additionally, Surinamese Michael Namchand lost the 11-second title race to Oneil Higgins and his Toyota Caldina after he  jumped the line but he managed to beat Damion in the 10-second final to clock 10.815 with his RX-7.

The 12-second title went to Surinamese  Raymond John and  his turbo-charged Toyota Chaser, while the 13-second went to Pierre Singh in his Atlezza.

Raymond John’s turbo-charged chaser continues to be efficient

Other winners were: Mahendra Singh of Suriname (14-second), Shan Seejatan (15-second), Omesh Persaud (16-second), Raj Pandy (ATV) and Mark Menez (1000cc Motor Bikes).

The focus now shifts to the grand circuit meet at South Dakota on November 16 and 17, where  drivers from overseas will be competing.

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