GEA exploring wind-powered street lights


The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) is exploring the use of wind energy as an alternative to power street lights.
The Ministry of Public Infrastructure stated in a social media post that street lights powered by electricity has been costly.

The use of wind energy as an alternative is in keeping with GEA’s mandate to develop and encourage the development of other sources of energy.

With the abundance of wind along Guyana’s coast, this initiative will prove beneficial as an alternative. Wind energy is renewable and sustainable and standalone wind-based street lighting is environmentally desirable.

Engineers have designed the first Wind-Powered Street Light and installed it in its testing stage on the Georgetown Sea Wall.

The stand-alone wind powered street light consists of a 500W wind turbine, 40W LED lamp, 105Ah battery, hybrid charge controller, timer, enclosure and mounts.

The light utilizes the wind turbine and generator which harness the energy from the wind and converts it into electricity.

The installation of the first unit cost G$247,553.

The stand-alone wind-powered street light is expected to last about 4 years.

According the Ministry these wind-powered street lamps with battery support are cost effective as they are not affected by blackouts and operate at low voltages.
GEA will continue to monitor research and record the performance of the wind-powered street.

The information and experience gathered from this first installation will be used to guide future decisions on street lighting.
The Ministry noted that the conversion from the existing inefficient High Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamps (HPSV) street lights to Wind-Powered LED Lamps will incur a capital cost.

According to the Ministry this can be recovered from the monthly payments on electricity bills that would be paid over the lifetime of the lights.

LED lamps have an estimated lifetime that is five times longer than conventional HPSV lamps and energy savings of 80% or more.

Street lighting is an important service that contributes to the safety and security of the public, businesses, recreational activities and residential spaces.
Street lights also aid in crime prevention.
The use of LED lamp also provides greater peripheral vision, which improves safety for drivers and pedestrians.

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