Teen gang caught on camera robbing man remanded to prison


Three teenagers who were caught on camera snatching a man’s cellphone were on Friday remanded to prison by City Magistrate Leron Daly for robbery with violence.

Daniel McArthur, Shawn Innis, Harcarlaus Harris, all aged 18, pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on October 17, 2019 at Camp Street, with the use of personal violence, they robbed Elton Luckhoo of a Samsung S9 valued $218,000 and an iPhone 7 worth $80,000.

McArthur was slapped with another charge which alleged that on October 11, 2019, at Georgetown, he robbed Julius Wills of $2,000 cash, a Samsung cellphone valued $65,000 along with a handbag worth $5,000. He pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh objected to bail based on the seriousness of the charges and that the boys are a flight risk.

Magistrate Daly remanded the teens to prison until November 29, 2019.

According to reports, on October 17, Luckhoo was standing outside of a business place at Croal Street, Stabroek and was on his phone.

It is alleged that the gang of teens walked up to Luckhoo and snatched his phone.

Luckhoo gave chase and caught up with the teens at Camp Street, however the teens, who were armed with knives stabbed him to his back and left shoulder and took away another phone he had in his possession.

The teenagers escaped and the victim was rushed to the hospital. The matter was reported to the Police and footage from the surveillance camera outside of the Croal Street business place was obtained.

The video then circulated on social media which led to the arrest of the three suspects; an identification parade was held and the victim positively identified the trio.

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