Woman shot dead while rescuing boyfriend during attack at Guyana/Venezuela border


Police are investigating the murder of a 28-year-old Venezuelan woman which occurred at Rock Landing Kaikan, Wenamu River, Region Seven on Friday night. 

According to information received, Valentina Marelis Pacheco was at Frederick Stafford’s shop which is located at the Wenamu River front –which separates Guyana from Venezuela –with her boyfriend 28-year-old Mark Anthony Gonsalves of Mabaruma North West District, Region One.

At about 00:35hrs, Gonsalves noticed a light shinning on the Venezuelan side of the river.

The News Room understands that it is customary for Guyanese to cross the narrow border to transport persons who want to make purchase at the shop since it is the only one at that location.

Gonsalves reportedly paddled to the other side in a small boat to enquire if this was the case.

Upon arrival on the Venezuelan shore he met a male Venezuelan national who told him that he wanted one 1/4 high wine and one pack of cigarette.

However, Police said five other men armed with rifles emerged from the nearby bushes and started to shoot at Gonsalves who plunged overboard and swam back to the Guyana border.

Pacheco, who rushed to his aid, was shot in the region of her nose and the bullet exited the back of her head.

Police said Gonslaves made his way to the Kaikan Police station where he made a report and was escorted to the Kaikan Health Centre for medical attention.

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