Brazilian man, stepfather on the run after allegedly killing miner


Police are hunting for a Brazilian national and his stepfather in connection  with the murder of a 36-year-old miner, David Atkinson called ‘Long Hair’, of Kuru Kuru, Linden-Soesdyke Highway.

On the run are, 23-year-old Dexter Jonas of Boa Vista Brazil and stepfather called ‘Oman’.

According to information received, Atkinson was found tied up in a watch camp at ‘Guana sand’ Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven belonging to Azad Mohammed –a 32-year-old miner of Region two –at around 15:00hrs on Saturday with an incise wound to his left wrist and multiple lacerations about his body.

Prior to succumbing to his injuries , Atkinson told Police that Jonas and ‘Oman’ inflicted the wounds.

Atkinson died while being transported to the Bartica Regional Hospital.

The Police have also arrested 18-year-old Trevon Thomas and 23-year-old Andy Thomas of Bartica and Jonas’ brother, Diego.

The News Room understands that Andy and Trevon Thomas along with Atkinson were employed by Mohammed.

Thomas is alleging that they were attacked at about 01:00hrs on Friday by Jonas and an unidentified accomplice who held them at gunpoint and took away a quantity of raw gold which they had in their possession.

However, Diego is alleging that the three men –Atkinson, Andy and Trevon Thomas –went to his camp and attacked him and his brother on Thursday night demanding cash and gold.

Diego told investigators that one of the men dealt him a cuff and he lost consciousness. The following day, he related what occurred to ‘Oman’ who then left in search of Dexter Jonas but never returned.

An investigation is ongoing.

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