Guyana wins Albert Einstein gold medal at First Global robotics competition


Guyana on Sunday won the Albert Einstein gold medal for excellence at the First Global robotics competition in Dubai.

Deemed the most prestigious award in the competition, it is awarded to teams whose robots performed the best during the First Global Challenge. The winners of the award must have excellent robot game performance, made a profound impact on the international community, expounds professionalism and represents all aspects of the competition as ideal role models.

“It is essentially the top individual team award given by competition judges,” according to First Global.

(STEMGuyana photo)

The Guyana team was represented by two of the judges who received the award on the participants’ behalf.

Ten Guyanese, ages 15-18 were chosen to represent the nation.

Tunisia came in second and Germany third.

The First Global event was held in Dubai from October 24-27. The annual competition aims to inspire youths around to pursue their passions in science and technology to solve global challenges.

190 countries participated in this global robotics competition where teams competed in alliances of 3 teams from various countries.

Team Guyana Robotics originated under STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Guyana programme and is still one of the main focuses of the organization.

Since 2017, students from around the country are invited to tryout for the team regardless of skills or academic background. These students are selected based on a number of criteria, such as their ability to work with others and their passion for learning.

Though only a few students are selected for the team travelling, many others are given the opportunity to work alongside the team and learn about robotics during preparation season.

STEMGuyana with the Government’s support aims to unleash the full potential of youths.

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