$15M in losses as fire destroys Guinness Bar


The owner of the popular Guinness Bar on Durban Street, Georgetown is counting his losses after a fire destroyed the bar Monday night.

The businessman Troy Mendonca, who is the Director of Petra Organisation, estimated his losses to be approximately $15M.

The News Room understands that the fire started at about 19:30hrs.

Troy Mendonca

Mr Mendonca told the News Room he was at home in Eccles on the East Bank of Demerara when the owner of the building, Diane Adoplhus called and informed him about the fire.

“Nobody seems to know what happen, the person who recognized the fire just saw a blaze and they call me,” Mr Mendonca said.

Firefighters inside the destroyed bar

At the scene, the businessman became emotional as he watched his 17 years of hard work being destroyed.

The owner of the building could not say how the fire started. Meanwhile, Fire Chief Marlon Gentle told reporters at the scene that firefighters managed to contain the fire to the lower flat of the building and efforts are being made to determine what caused the inferno.

Fire Chief Marlon Gentle

“The fire has been contained to the lower level; most of the damages would have occurred internally and we have to get the Government Electrical Inspector here sometime tomorrow,” the Fire Chief said.

The bar employed ten persons and was a very popular eating and chill spot to many. (Isanella Patoir)

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