Phenomenal Persaud, first-timer Stephenson win Guyana Open titles


By Avenash Ramzan

Guyana’s leading male golfer Avinash Persaud stamped his authority on the final day of the Bridgestone Guyana Open 2019, winning the event in fading light for a record 10th time, while Barbados-based Guyanese Julia Stephenson made a memorable debut at the Lusignan Golf Course, carting off the female title.

A fair-sized crowd witnessed the players in action in the dying stages of two-day event, which concluded on Sunday with the final bit of on-course action being Persaud lifting his hands in celebrations as the sun faded in the distance.

Competing in the Championship Flight (0-9), the confident Persaud notched up his sixth consecutive Guyana Open title with an overall Gross of 146.

His brother Avinda Kishore, who won the tournament in 2013, finished second with Gross 149, while Franklin Stephenson, the former Barbados cricketer and husband of female winner Julia, took third with a Gross of 157.

Guyana Open 2019 champs! Avinash Persaud and Julia Stephenson

“This is no strange feelings,” Persaud said after the victory. “Because there was no doubt about it I was going to win again. From the starting of the year I was just waiting for the tournament.”

“The key to winning is just to hold your nerve and play what you know.”

The female category was much more close with Julia Stephenson, originally from Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, Berbice, emerging champion by one stroke.

Julia, a grandmother of seven, had an overall Gross of 176 and was closely followed by one-time Guyana Open winner Shanella London (177) and 2018 champion Christine Sukhram (180).

“It means a whole lot,” Julia said about winning the Guyana Open on her first trip to Lusignan.

“I’ve never been here (at Lusignan); I never even knew there was a golf course here and first time here I was invited by the president Mr. Aleem Hussain.”

Julia only got familiar with the Course in the days leading up to the Guyana Open and credited her success to “course management.”

“It (the Guyana Open) was very competitive. I really enjoyed it. It was all about course management, which I think I did very well,” Julia said.

She continued, “This was all about me coming and playing and trying to beat the Course, not about beating anybody else, and managing the Course because I don’t know it. I wasn’t looking at rivals; I wasn’t looking at who to beat and who not to beat. That was my thinking; I’m new here. If I lost I didn’t matter, I’m glad I won, but it was all about course management.”


0-9 Flight (Gross)

Avinash Persaud 146

Avinda Kishore 149

Franklyn Stephenson 157

0-9 Flight (Net)

Avinda Kishore 141

Avinash Persaud 142

Alfred Mentore 142

  • Persaud won on a countback

10-18 Flight (Gross)

Robin Tiwari 166

Rakesh Harry 166

Azrodeen Shaw 168

  • Tiwari won by having a better second day

10-18 Flight (Net)

Rakesh Harry 130

Robin Tiwari 134

George Bulkan 142

19-28 Flight (Gross)

Imtiaz Subhan 178

Philbert London 180

Miguel Oviedo 201

19-28 Flight (Net)

Imtiaz Subhan 134

Miguel Oviedo 145

Jordi Pinol 149

Ladies Flight (Gross)

Julia Stephenson 176

Shanella London 177

Christine Sukhram 180

Ladies Flight (Net)

Shanella London 149

Joaan Deo 153

Julia Stephenson 154

Senior Flight (Gross)

Abdool Azeez 199

Tulsieram Persaud 199

Maurice Solomon 203

  • Azeez won by having a better second day

Senior Flight (Net)

Maurice Solomon 151

Tulsieram Persaud 151

Abdool Azeez 155

  • Solomon won by having a better second say


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Day Two- Neville Pascal

Longest Drive

Day One- Parmanand ‘Max’ Persaud

Day Two- Avinda Kishore

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