Parika family living in fear after oil-like substance surfaces in bedroom


A Parika, East Bank Essequibo family has been living in fear for the past three weeks after an oil-like substance surfaced in one of their bedrooms.

The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) has confirmed that it is investigating what the substance might be but the family is anxious for the authorities to conclude their investigation so they can determine their next step.

Veronica Bicessar has been living at Lot 2 Parika for the past 42 years with her family.

She said that it was when her daughter-in-law felt what seemed liked cracked tiles that her son, Davo, decided to investigate.

Veronica Bicessar

He raised the carpet and found that there was a crack in the floor leading to the wall and there was what seemed liked mud-water, however, there was a sticky substance to some of the tile.

There was a “funny” smell as well, Davo Bicessar told the News Room.

He decided to call over his cousin Ivor Seepersaud, who said he has worked with oil companies in Trinidad.

Seepersaud’s conclusion is that the substance seemed to be crude oil but there is no confirmation.

Davo Bicessar

Representatives of the GGMC, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Guyana Fire Service have all visited the area. Two holes were dug in the backyard as part of those investigations.

But the family say they have not been told about the findings and they are anxious.

Two holes were dug in the backyard as part of those investigations.

Their life has been disrupted. The two bedrooms on the bottom flat are no longer in use. They are afraid of using the gas stove in the kitchen near those rooms.

And the church service they usually kept in an area outside the house has not been kept in weeks. They fear an explosion.

Mrs Bicessar told the News Room that the anxiety has been overwhelming, so much so that she and her husband are now receiving treatment for depression.

Christopher Lynch, the head of the Petroleum Division at the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, told the News Room that the matter is still under investigation. He could not say when those investigations would be concluded.

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