Salvation Army aims for $11M in Christmas kettle campaign


The local chapter of the Salvation Army on Friday morning launched its annual Christmas Kettle Drive at the Umana Yana, Kingston, Georgetown aiming to raise $11M this year.

The Salvation Army, which has been operating in Guyana for 124 years, opened their season of gathering by lobbying the business community for support.

At the launch ceremony, presentations by children were put on to give business persons the needed push.

Salvation Army advisory board president Edward Boyer, during his address, stated that the organisation hopes to distribute 1500 food hampers to those in poverty apart from various other acts of charity throughout the Christmas holidays.

He indicated that funding is limited.

“These funds will restore hope and dignity to those who otherwise remain indivisible in society. We look forward to the most rewarding campaign and at the end of it we will keep you informed of our success as always. Last Year we collected nine million dollars and this year I hope that the goal will reach a 30% Increase,” Boyer said.

The organisation, which provides free rehabilitation and guidance counselling and lodging, also caters meals for approximately 50 children from various parts of Guyana daily.

This year, it managed to garner support from ExxonMobil.

Country Manager of the oil major Rod Henson indicated his familiarity with the work of the Salvation Army.

“The role that the Salvation Army plays in the community is very familiar to me I remember growing up it seems like every year at Christmas outside the shops you would see that iconic symbol of the red kettle with the bell ringing it always warms my heart and restores faith in humanity,” Henson expressed.

“It’s the same here where we have volunteers are will to take on the heat and stand outside in the sun for hours in order to do a good deed and help others.”

Henson made a plea for Guyanese to put as much focus into giving to the noble cause as they do in monitoring the oil and gas developments. He also stated ExxonMobil’s commitment to supporting the work of the Salvation Army of Guyana.

Henson was the first of the corporate community members to make a contribution to the cause on behalf of ExxonMobil.

The News Room learnt that the Salvation Army intends to have its members set up a maximum number of thirty kettles at major points in the city this Christmas season from as early as 9:00hrs to the time shopping ends.

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