Equal opportunities being presented in Smalta Girls Pee Wee football


From November 9 to December 7, girls from approximately 16 Primary Schools across the city will get a chance to showcase their skills in football when the sixth edition of the Smalta Girls Pee Wee tournament is held at the Ministry of Education ground, Carifesta Avenue.

It is another step to unearth talents with the goal of developing the nation’s football. The grassroot programme will last for five weeks and while the initial target was 12 schools, at the launch Tuesday, organisers stated it should be 16 instead.

Furthermore, Jackie Boodie of Petra Organisation said this is not just football, but also a chance to empower young girls.

ANSA McAL Trading has pledged to further support the tournament given the success it has reaped over the years.

Gabriell Lopes, Acting Brand Manager for Smalta, stated, “As a brand we believe in the continued development of our youths in Guyana. While we strive for youths to achieve goals academically, it is important to do it with sports as well.”

She added, “Girls don’t have the opportunities as much as boys as it relates to sports and that is the reality. This is one tournament I hold close to my heart because it focuses on young girls in sport. A lot of times you would see events in Guyana centred around the males and that is perfectly fine, but our girls deserve equal opportunities to showcase their talents.”

Both the Guyana Football Federation and the Ministry of Education through the Allied Arts Division have stated how vital a tournament is this for well-rounded development and helping students develop social life skills from their interactions.

A prize of $100,000 will go towards the winning school for a project of their choice, while $50,000, $30,000 and $20,000 are awarded to the other top finishers for similar initiatives.

The Most Valuable Player, Best Goalkeeper and Highest goalscorer will also receive awards.

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