‘Nationals’ gets $3M boost from BK Group


The 59th annual National Schools’ Cycling, Swimming and Track and Field Championships has gotten a significant boost from BK International Group of Companies.

On Tuesday, the company’s top brass presented sponsorship to the tune of three million dollars to the organisers at BK International Group of Companies, Water Street, Georgetown.

Speaking on behalf of BK Group, Bobby Vieira outlined what the support entails. BK International donation was worth one million, while subsidiary BK SuperMix donated $500,000. It is understood the cost for the 500 Tommy Hilfiger shirts runs to a sum $1.5 million.

Managing Director Brian Tiwari stated this is just the start and they will be fully committed in the future. “I am more than happy education is going somewhere now and we will always be supportive to you,” Tiwari firmly stated.

Ingrid Trotman, Deputy Chief Education Officer (Administration), and Julian Cambridge, second Vice-President of the Guyana Teachers Union, thanked the BK Group for the overwhelming support and acknowledged it will go a far way in providing a platform for future stars.

The event will be held at the National Park, the National Aquatic Centre and the National Track and Field Centre with student/athletes from 15 districts competing from November 17-22.

BK Group also made a donation to Carmel Secondary school for their upcoming Graduation and Prom, along with reaffirming sponsorship for the second BK Football Cup which caters for Inter-ward teams.

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