Another vagrant stabbed to death


Police are investigating the murder of a 40-year-old homeless man called ‘Samaroo’ whose body was found on the pavement at Regent Street, Georgetown with several stab wounds.

The discovery was made at around 22:00hrs on Monday; Samaroo was clad only in a pair of blue jeans.

Police have since arrested 23-year-old Devon Johnson at his Lot 165 Cummings Street, Bourda, home.

It is alleged that Samaroo was lying on the pavement when Johnson, began to stab him to the face, chest, left hand and foot.

Johnson later escaped the scene but was found at his home with injuries to the fingers of his left hand. Police did not find the murder weapon.

Samaroo’s body was found on the same day another vagrant identified as ‘Sponge Bobb’ was discovered dead at the corners of Regent and Light Streets, Bourda, Georgetown.

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