Police Force heightens security as Christmas season approaches


The Guyana Police Force has launched its annual policing strategies for the Christmas period which will remain in effect from Friday to January 15, 2020.

As part of its plans, the Force will be increasing foot and mobile patrols so citizens can conduct their Christmas activities in a safe environment.

Region Divison 4 (a) which covers Industry on the East Coast of Demerara to Agricola on the East Bank Demerara, has been further divided into nine sectors.

At a press conference Friday at the Police Headquarters in Eve Leary, it was announced that Police patrols will be increased at hotels, nightspots, business places, banks and post offices.

The Regional Commander who is also Assistant Commissioner of Police, Marlon Chapman said these strategies will enable citizens, visitors and commuters to conduct their shopping or business in a safe environment.

Police booths will also be placed at the Giftland and Movietowne malls, the University of Guyana and around the city. Motor vehicle and cycle patrols will be done on a 24hr basis as Christmas approaches.

“Special arrangements will be made, especially on Christmas Eve day because we know the shoppers are out very early and they go back home way into Christmas morning.

“Duties will be adjusted and other that duties where persons will be doing their shopping, in the housing areas we will have mobile and motorcycle patrols, so while you are shopping we still offer you protection at home,” the Commander said.

Meanwhile, Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Linden Isles said the department anticipates an increase in traffic during the Christmas period and has also put in place systems so citizens can traverse with minimum obstruction, congestion and accidents.

“We have seen an increase in fatalities with persons driving under the influence of alcohol, almost 90% of our fatal accidents are caused by persons driving under the influence of alcohol and a combination of speeding, radar guns will be used throughout the season and we will also be looking at persons driving using their handheld device,” the Traffic Chief said.

The Traffic Chief said vehicles with loud music, blue lights and overload will be dealt with.

Meanwhile, it was noted that on Christmas Eve day streets such as Robb Street, Bourda and Regent will be blocked to vehicular traffic.

Special emphasis will be placed on the East Bank/East Coast Highway, the Soesdyke Linden Highway the Demerara Harbour Bridge along with a number of streets in Georgetown such as Camp Street, Water Street, Main Street, Lombard Street, Sheriff Street and Vlissengen Road and all bus parks.


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