Donald Rodney protests Appeal Court for hearing date over 1982 conviction


Donald Rodney, the brother of slain leader of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), along with WPA members and other supporters on Thursday mounted a protest in front of the Court of Appeal located in Kingston, Georgetown.

Rodney is calling on the Court to set a date for the hearing of his appeal against his 1982 conviction for the possession of explosives.

He believes that once his appeal is dealt with, misinformation in the case surrounding the death of his brother, Dr Walter Rodney, will be dispelled since he claimed the charges laid against him were “really a cover-up.”

The Court on May 23, 2019, ordered that the appeal be allowed to move forward, but according to Rodney, as of now, a date is not set. He said the Court’s Registry promised to contact him but has not done so since.

Also joining the protest was Tacuma Ogunseye, a founding member of the WPA, who noted that it is important for citizens to join in this call to put an end to that period in Guyana’s history.

The WPA, which is a party in the Governing APNU+AFC Coalition has in the past called on the Government to exonerate Donald Rodney from all charges brought against him in relation to the death of his brother.

Dr Walter Rodney was killed in a bomb blast on June 13, 1980. A Commission of Inquiry was set up to investigate the circumstances of his death in 2014 but while the report did not point to a specific entity, it stated that there was a conspiracy to assassinate the political scholar.

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