Restaurants giving back to orphanages during restaurant week


Another Guyana Restaurant Week was launched on Thursday with the country’s leading restaurants planning the usual discounts and special menus.

What is unique about this leg is the charitable work that will be done by the restaurants and the incorporation of environmentally friendly initiatives.

Restaurant Week begins Friday and ends on Sunday on December 1. The event is put on by the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG).

This season will see 23 restaurants competing for the support of local patrons under the well-known theme ‘Explore, Eat, Repeat.’

It will see the addition of three new dining establishments the likes of Jaxx International Grill at the MovieTowne Mall, the recently opened Columbian restaurant Curramba La Bella and the Linden mining town heritage restaurant at Watooka house.

Beverage giant Ansa Mcal has committed to offering free samples of their Barefoot Wine to patrons at every restaurant onboard.

The President of THAG Mitra Ramkumar said registered restaurants have made a commitment to use the event to give back to 24 of Guyana’s less fortunate children.

L-R: Deputy Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Carla James and President of THAG Mitra Ramkumar

“I’m very happy to report that we are going to be treating 24 boys and girls from two orphanages – the ST Ann’s girls orphanage and the Shaheed Girls and Boys Orphanage – and so I want to applaud the restaurants that have come on board to support this initiative,” Ramkumar said.

He explained that the 24 children will be split up among different restaurants and given an opportunity to have a fine dining experience.

Meanwhile, the fine dining locations will be heeding the call to support green environmental protection initiatives and will no longer make single-use plastics available.

Deputy Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Carla James endorsed the green initiatives.

“This year I think some restaurants are increasing some of what they do where [green initiatives] are concerned by even offering you water from the five-gallon bottles in order to help reduce plastic consumption that we struggle with around the city,” James said.

Restaurants will also be incorporating energy-efficient lighting within their establishments.

Guyana Restaurant week helps to promote domestic tourism by allowing Guyanese to experience fine dining at some of Guyana’s more unique and luxuries restaurants at a fixed significantly reduced cost across all participating registered restaurants.

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