Two-day ‘Spikedown 2K19’ volleyball tournament set for next weekend


By Avenash Ramzan

Two University of Guyana students, who are strong advocates for youth participation in sports administration, have undertaken to collaborate with the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF), the National Sports Commission (NSC) and Trophy Stall to host ‘Spikedown 2K19.’

At the official launch on Friday at the National Sports Commission’s office on Homestretch Avenue, University of Guyana students Andre Jagnandan and Kristoff Shepperd were introduced as the driving force behind the tournament, which is set for November 30 and December 1 at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue.

The competition will feature seven male teams drawn from the three counties, with action starting at 10:00h on both days.

A total of 13 games would be played over the two days; the preliminaries will be held on the opening day and the semi-finals, third place playoff and final on day two. The teams have been split into two groups with the top two advancing to the semi-finals.

Jagnandan said the launch of the tournament marks a milestone for local volleyball, as a new path would be paved to accomplish specific goals, set out by the youth arm of volleyball.

“You’re either getting better or getting worse. I don’t think you stay the same in sports. If we want to achieve something special in the game, then the players and administration have to recognise that they’re responsible every day for getting better,” Jagnandan pointed out.

“As the saying goes and I quote, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” end quote. It is our view that not only will this tournament open the door for more participation from both sponsors and players but we strongly hope that it will etch into the minds and hearts of the Guyanese public that the time is now and your support is needed, partner with us and we will take volleyball to new heights in Guyana and more so on the international platform.”

Guyana Volleyball Federation president Levi Nedd (centre) and tournament coordinators Kristoff Shepperd (left) and Andre Jagnandan display the championship trophy

Director of Sport Christopher Jones and President of the Guyana Volleyball Federation Levi Nedd have thrown their support behind the initiative, lauding the two youngsters for joining forces to stage the competition.

Nedd said: “The theme I think might be very important- ‘Resurrection of Volleyball.’ After it would have been stagnant for so long, I trust we would have it going after this. I’m very much elated to see that young people are taking up the mantle because when we the older guys would have moved on we need persons to take up the legacy, so I would like to extend kudos to them.”

Jones said: “When we were approached by Mr. Shepperd a few months ago indicating his intention to have a tournament before the conclusion of the year, and recognising what Mr. Nedd said before, we recognise that volleyball for some reason has been asleep. We’re pleased to come onboard. I would want to throw to the GVF that before the ending of 2019 if there’s a tournament that could be had where we have both male and female participation the National Sports Commission is prepared to fully sponsor that.”

Admission to the games is free and the coordinators are urging volleyball fans and the wider public to attend the matches and witness some of the best home-grown talents in the sport.


Preliminaries (Saturday; Starting time 10:00h)

  1. Rollers Volleyball Club v Vanguard Volleyball Club
  2. Bartica Warriors Volleyball Club v Premier Eagles Volleyball Club
  3. Young Achievers Volleyball Club v PMTC Volleyball Club
  4. Castrol Strikers Volleyball Club V Premier Eagles Volleyball Club
  5. Rollers Volleyball Club v PMTC Volleyball Club
  6. Castrol Strikers Volleyball Club v Bartica Warriors Volleyball Club
  7. Vanguard Volleyball Club v Young Achievers Volleyball Club
  8. Rollers Volleyball Club v Young Achievers Volleyball Club
  9. Vanguards Volleyball Club v PMTC Volleyball Club

Semi-finals (Sunday; Starting time 10:00h)

  1. Winner of Group A v Runner up of Group B
  2. Winner of Group B v Runner up of Group A

Final (Sunday)

  1. Third place playoff
  2. Final
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