Guyana Beverages Inc. signs one-year pact with Chase Academic Foundation


The success of Chase Academic Foundation in consistently producing well-rounded student/athletes and championship-winning football teams has convinced Guyana Beverages Inc. to sign a one-year pact with the city institution, geared to develop the sports curriculum at the Kingston-based school.

The agreement, subject to review and possible renewal after a year, was signed on Friday between Principal and Director of Chase Academic Foundation, Henry Chase, and General Manager of Guyana Beverages Inc., Samuel Arjoon.

The partnership is being done through the beverage company’s ‘Kool Kidz’ fruit juices.

“It’s the first time our organisation has partnered with a school. I was always scouting around for a school that I have confidence in to have a partnership as such,” Arjoon related.

“Other than the marketing aspect (of such a partnership), I’m a sport enthusiast and moreso I love to see young people develop. I know the potential we have in this country.”

“One of the core values of our company is ensuring that the human capital, whether it’s our employees, whether it’s students like you, and more in general young people, develop themselves in education and sports to realise their full potential.”

Chase, a strong advocate of sports and academic integration, welcomed Arjoon and his team onboard.

“They say dreams do come through, and this is truly a dream that came through. For the past 10 years I was looking for a partner to come onboard with the school so that we could develop sports and simultaneously develop rounded athletes,” Chase explained.

“I really want to thank Guyana Beverages for coming onboard with us. I can assure the company that this partnership would not only help the school’s programme, but also help our athletes generally.”

Through the alliance, specific focus would be placed on the school’s football team, which has been a standout in city and nationwide competitions.

FACT FILE: Chase Academic Foundation

Champion– Milo Schools Football- 2014, 2015, 2016

Champion– ExxonMobil Under-14 Boys- 2018

Champion– Digicel Schools Football- 2016, 2017

Footballers: Jeremy Garrett, Curtez Kellman, Sese Norville, Kelsey Benjamin, Jobe Caesar, Nicholas McArthur, Cecil Benjamin, Brandon Solomon, Orville Daniels.

Cricketers: Ashmead Nedd, Joshua Persaud, Sachin Singh, Qamar Torrington, Kurt Lovell, Yudister Persaud, Daniel Mootoo.

The school also has an active and emerging group of student/athletes in swimming, table tennis, basketball and athletics.

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