Sourcing of generator spare parts delaying restoration of electricity in Port Kaituma


Head of the Hinterland Electrification Company Horace Williams says efforts are being made to restore power in Port Kaituma “as soon as possible.”

Residents on Monday began protest action against the Port Kaituma Power and Light Inc (PKPL) – the company that provides electricity to the community.

“We are aware of the problem and we are working on restoring electricity to the community,” Williams told the News Room Wednesday.

He explained that there is no backup system that has the capacity to power the entire community within the region so they are working on fixing the mechanical problems with the generator.

“The generator went through mechanical failure, it is being fixed but the spares have to come from local suppliers that have to source the parts from overseas providers and that is why it is taking so long,” Williams explained.

Meanwhile, residents in Port Kaituma are facing major economic woes following a month without electricity.

Regional Democratic Councillor Shem Cuffy told the News Room the power outage has since resulted in increased cost for transportation and fuel.

The situation is also affecting the mortuary in the community and families are forced to spend thousands of dollars on ice to preserve the body of their loved ones.

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