Youth freed of murder charge after five years on remand


After spending five years on remand for the offence of murder, 23-year-old Samuel Allen was found not guilty of the charge by a 12-member jury on Thursday.

Allen, formerly of Arakaka, North West District (NWD) has been on remand since 2014 for the murder of Brazilian miner Joao DeSouza, who was killed during a robbery at Arakaka on April 2 that year.

On Thursday, the jury after deliberating for two hours found Allen not guilty of the offence.

“See today as a blessing and opportunity,” Justice Jo-Ann Barlow told Allen as urged him to walk the straight and narrow path and not to follow bad company.

Dead: Joao DeSouza

Justice Barlow also urged Allen to turn over a new leaf since he was imprisoned at the age of 18 and has lost most of his adult years.

Holding tightly to his bible, Allen listened to the Judge as she lectured him.

Allen was represented by Attorney Maxwell McKay, while the State was represented by prosecutor Sarah Martin.

According to reports, on April 2, 2014, DeSouza was walking to his mining camp when it is alleged that Allen robbed him and lashed him in the head with a crush hammer.

DeSouza was rushed to the hospital and died the following day.

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