‘A plan for poverty’ – Harmon rejects PPP’s manifesto


The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) on Friday rejected the People’s Progressive Party’s manifesto titled ‘a plan for prosperity’.

Executive Member of the PNCR Joseph Harmon told reporters at Congress Place that it is a ‘plan for poverty’ for the Guyanese people and accused the PPP of making fake promises.

Harmon said he received an advanced copy of the manifesto and saw that the PPP promised to implement a number of measures which has already been undertaken by the Coalition Government.

“Looking at it, I can see a set of ideas and programmes which have already been out in place by this administration being attempted to be warmed over and sold to the Guyanese public as something that is original to the PPP,” Harmon said.

Harmon took note of the fact that the PPP promised to re-open sugar estates but did not detail how they plan to do so.

“They need to say whether they will open Diamond, Lusignan and Versailles and all of these estates which were closed a long time ago

“In the 10th Parliament for almost every single budget, the PPP promised to turn around GuySuCo. There were so many turn around plans in the National Assembly that we were getting eye turn…and after we came into office in 2015 what we decided to do as Government was to launch an inquiry into sugar…let us see where all of these billions of dollars were going…and in the words of one of our MPs at that time ‘why was all of this money going into a dark hole’… You will see how fake this promise is,” Harmon said.

In addition to the mining industry, the PPP’s manifesto also dealt with how they will manage the proceeds from the oil and gas industry, but according to Harmon, Guyanese do not want the PPP to handle the “oil money”.

“Everybody who know anything about gas, oil, money and so on, they don’t want the PPP to get they hand on this oil.”

“It is no manifesto for prosperity. This is the PPP’s manifesto for poverty and this is where they want to take us back to where we were before 2015.”

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