Berbice sisters granted bail, accuse cop of beating them 


The two sisters who were caught on camera verbally and physically abusing Police officers appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s Court Thursday to answer ten charges.

Twenty-two-year old Yashminie Ramsew and 30-year-old Mona Singh have also accused the female rank of beating them at the Rose Hall Police outpost.

Ramsew, known as ‘Tina’ of Number 35 Village is charged with six offences which alleged that on December 2 she drove motorcar PTT 5628 in a manner dangerous to the public on the Rose Hall public road, she failed to report an accident, she failed to stop at the accident scene, she resisted arrest, disorderly behaviour and assaulted a peace officer.

The young lady pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Police Prosecutor Rudolph Poliah objected to bail based on seriousness and prevalence of the offence but the Magistrate granted $30,000 bail for the dangerous driving, $10,000 bail for resisting arrest, $10,000 bail for disorderly behaviour and released Ramsew on her own recognizance for the other charges.

Mona Singh is seen here in a scuffle with a female rank

Meanwhile, Singh was charged with damage to property,  assaulting peace officer Umkar Sukhnanand on the Port Mourant Public Road, resisting arrest and disorderly behaviour.

She too pleaded not guilty and was placed on $30,000 bail for the damage to property charge, $10,000 for assaulting the cop, $10,000 bail for resisting arrest and was released on her own recognizance for behaving disorderly.

The matter was transferred to the Whim and Albion Magistrate’s Court for January 6 and 7, respectively; they were represented by Attorney Saphier Husain.

Meanwhile, the sisters told the court that they were assaulted by the female rank at the outpost.

Ramsew said she tried to defend her sister when the female Police Officer punched her in her abdomen. She told the court there are medical records to support her story.

Singh alleged that she was hospitalised for two days after she was thrown to the ground and beaten to the head when the cops turned off the lights at the outpost.

The women were videotaped by ranks at the outpost after their behaviour became abusive. The sisters can be heard telling the ranks that they will all be fired after contact is made with “Ramjattan” – presumably the Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

Ramsew is also heard using racial slurs to describe one Police Officer.

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