Tourism generates over $62B per year


Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority Brian Mullis says tourism generates over $62 billion per year in Guyana and the Authority has seen an increase in September of this year.

At a news conference Thursday, Mullis said there needs to be more collaborative efforts at the regional and national level of tourism.

“One of the reasons that we focus predominantly on tourism are the economic benefits and what we learned this summer in collaboration with the Bureau of Statistics is that based on the average expenditure per visitor that tourism generates over GY$62 billion per annum and we are seeing an 8.2 increase through September and that number is just going to go up,” Mullis said.

He said the key to unlocking the tourism potential in Guyana is more collaboration with communities and businesses.

He noted that Guyana was recognized and ranked as the number 10 country or tourist destination to visit next year in the Conde Nast Traveller Magazine.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) Brian Mullis

“It is one of the most high profile, highly read magazines in the world and it influences a lot of people, so the fact that we are listed at number 10 out of the 20 and the best place to visit in 2020, we will see visitation from that alone,” Mullis said.

He said that Guyana is not on the global travel radar because of oil discovery.

“…because Guyana is such an extraordinary travel destination with its wealth of natural and cultural heritage,” Mullis said.

The GTA was also awarded its sixth international award at the recently held International Travel & Tourism Awards during the World Travel Market in London.

Guyana received the silver award for ‘Best in Adventure’ which recognised Guyana’s commitment to producing quality adventure tourism products while upholding best sustainable working practices and named it a Leading Sustainable Adventure Destination.



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