PNCR satisfied with delivery of elections promises


The largest party in the coalition, the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) says it is satisfied with that the Government has met some of its promises made during the 2015 elections campaign.

At the party’s weekly press conference on Friday, PNCR executive member Aubrey Norton said “no political party delivers all of the promises that they would have made” as he compared the achievements of the APNU+AFC coalition to the former People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government.

Norton said using the same resources, the coalition has achieved more in four years than the PPP in 23 years.

“The PNC is satisfied that with the resources at its disposal, and here we talking about the same resources the PPP had, that we have delivered a lot of services.

“There are things we didn’t deliver that we promised but if you look at drainage and irrigation, and compare the money they spent with what we spent and what we have achieved, you will see we are superior,” he told the media.

Norton boasted that the Government has managed to reduce crime and corruption during its five years in office.

“Unless it is Stevie Wonder, people will see that this Government deliver many goods and services than the PPP,” he noted.

The APNU+AFC in its 2015 manifesto promised to end blackouts, reform the Constitution of Guyana, raise police officers’ salaries by 20% during its first year in office and enhance the life of sugar workers with the provision of better facilities within their communities among others.

The coalition is yet to launch its 2020 manifesto.

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