Change Guyana to join with other small parties, young lawyer endorses party


Presidential Candidate of Change Guyana Robert Badal Thursday said the party will soon be joining with other small parties.

Badal made the announcement at his press conference on Thursday but did not name the parties.

“We are open to everyone who share the vision and our values of integrity, accountability, a lean progressive Government…and I believe we have a few who will be joining us very soon,” he said in response to questions from the media.

Badal said he is opened to coalescing with other parties as long as their values, beliefs and economic agenda to improve the lives of citizens, match that of Change Guyana.

“Well if APNU and PPP want to come and join us, it’s fine,” he added.

There were six other political parties launched this year: The Citizenship Initiative, the People’s Republic Party, the Liberty and Justice Party, A New and United Guyana, the Federal United Party and The New Movement.

Additionally, the party was on Thursday endorsed by young Attorney-at-law, Mishka Puran.

Attorney-at-law Mishka Puran

Puran, the daughter of late prominent attorney Vic Puran, in her statement at the press conference held at the Pegasus Hotel said previous governments have done nothing good for Guyanese.

“It’s mostly the corruptible who have gotten rich,” she noted.

“It is my firm belief that this party is focused on curing that and putting…the power into the hands of the people and setting in place mechanisms to target corruption and to promote accountability,” Puran added.

The young lawyer said there are many educated Guyanese who feel lost and unrepresented. She told those gathered that Change Guyana is the only option for making the country financially viable as it is led by persons who understand how economics work.

The party is led by Badal who is a businessman and Accountant, Nigel Hinds as its Prime Ministerial Candidate.

Change Guyana is working to assemble its candidate’s list to prepare for Nominations Day on January 10.

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