100 mining blocks granted to Mahdia residents


Residents of Mahdia in Region 8 have been granted lands to conduct mining activities through a lottery facilitated by the Ministry of Natural Resources through the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).

One hundred (100) mining blocks were made available for distribution during the lottery, the Ministry of Natural Resources stated.

According to the Ministry, the lottery was planned exclusively for residents of Mahdia in fulfilment of a promise made by Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman when he visited the mining town in August of this year.

The mining lottery Wednesday in Mahdia

Trotman assured the residents that efforts were made to ensure that persons who are from or around Mahdia were the primary beneficiaries of the lottery. He also noted that the initiative is evidence of efforts that Government is hearing and responding and the Ministry is doing its best to address complaints and issues as they arise.

According to the Ministry, the lottery in Mahdia marked the fourth such activity for this year and is part of a wider commitment by the Government to make lands more accessible to small miners.

Small miners have also been receiving lands through the Syndicate Initiative and the Closed Area Committee (CAC) to allow more Guyanese the opportunity to ply their trade and earn an honest living.

With those given out to Mahdia residents, a total of 430 mining blocks were issued for 2019.

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