Rose Hall vendor beaten by bandits


A vendor of the Rose Hall Town Market is thankful for life after he was attacked and beaten by three bandits during an attempted robbery at his home on Saturday night.

Ravinand Persaud popularly known as ‘Dougla’ of Swamp Section Rose Hall Town said he was sitting in the bottom flat of his house at around 18:00hrs when he heard an unusual sound.

As he got up to investigate, he was confronted by three masked bandits, one of whom was armed with a gun. He said two of the bandits stood as the look-out.

Persaud said the bandit with the gun fired a shot at him but he missed and the bullet struck a beam on the ceiling instead.

The ceiling where the bullet struck

Persaud said he grabbed the gunman and tried to wrestle the gun from him but he was overpowered, kicked about the body and beaten to his head with the gun.

As the vendor laid motionless on the ground, the gunman attempted to open the door to the house where his wife and three children were but he was unsuccessful since his wife also heard the commotion and locked the door from the inside.

The vendor said as the gunman continued to kick him, one of his accomplices shouted “That man down! Let we go.”

The three masked men jumped the fence and escaped.

Persaud was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was treated and sent away. The matter was reported to the Rose Hall Outpost and the scene was visited by a party of Policemen Saturday night.

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