Mahaicony accident: Mother had just exited minibus that killed son


Sixty-three-year old Wallie Sealey had moments before exited the route 50 minibus which crashed head-on into a truck resulting in the death of five people, including her son, 33-year-old Keon Sealey on Wednesday morning.

Sealey told the News Room that she exited the minibus at the junction of Farm, Mahaicony East Coast Demerara.

Wallie Sealey stares at an album with pictures of her son when he was younger

Her son, who was an anaesthetist at the Mahaicony Hospital, boarded the same minibus further up the village as he was heading to Georgetown.

A few minutes later, the speeding minibus suffered a blowout and slammed head-on into the beverage laden truck.

Passengers, including Keon, were flung from the vehicle.

The scene of the accident

He was described as a man who was in love with his job, caring and willing to help others.

The grieving mother has a message for all drivers.

“Take your time! Drive within the speed limit. No need to rush, most of the accidents that happened is due to speed, we must be our brother’s keepers on the roadways, look out for each other. If we are to practice that; it will save lives.”

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