Deadly crashes: Operation Safe Roads underway


Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Linden Isles, says as a result of the increase in road fatalities this year, the Guyana Police Force has embarked on Operation Safe Roads.

One week since the Guyana Police Force implemented the Operation, the Traffic Chief told the News Room that there has already been a reduction in road accidents.

The Traffic Chief said this Operation is intended to address drunk driving and speeding across the country.

Drunk driving and speeding are the most prevalent causes of road accidents.

The Traffic Chief also noted that there have been minimum complaints from citizens lately.

The increase in road fatalities this year includes a recorded nine children, as compared to four last year.

“We have 117 fatal accidents with 127 deaths; last year we had 106 with 117 deaths at this point in time,” the Traffic Chief said.

Meanwhile, the Force has also implemented a new initiative to deal with drunk drivers.

“What we will be doing, from time to time we will be stopping at various night clubs where persons are imbibing; we will lime there and stay there for about half an hour and if anyone steps out of that club, enter into a vehicle and start driving we will apprehend them and have them tested,” the Traffic Chief said.

Come 2020, the Guyana Police Force will be focusing on training and retraining of traffic ranks.

The Traffic Chief is encouraging persons not to drink and drive, to have a designated driver or use taxis during the Christmas season.

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