Lusignan Sports Club awards top performers at lavish year-end social


By Avenash Ramzan

After a three-year hiatus, the Lusignan Sports Club hosted its year-end social and awards ceremony where top cricketers were recognised for their performances over the years. The activity was held on Sunday evening in the auditorium of the club.

The year-end award ceremony was a staple on the club’s agenda for a number of years, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it wasn’t held for the last three years.

With this is mind, the club thought it best to recognise players, officials, sponsors and well-wishers of the club for the last couple of years, following which there was the traditional Christmas social.

MVP Kumar Bishundial (left) receives his award from Manager Vishnu Ramjeet, representing Nideca Investments and Realty

Vice-president of the Lusignan Sports Club, Narvan Singh, revealed that there were challenges over the years, but the club and its hardworking executives were able to overcome them through great camaraderie, commitment and dedication to the cause.

“I think the executives and the players who stood by the club amidst everything that is happening have really put their shoulders to the wheel,” Singh pointed out.

“Late at nights you’d be getting text messages about what’s happening on the next weekend- it shows there’s a great interest in the club, they have it in their hearts, they like to see things happen, they like to see things improve. It’s a welcome sign because I appreciate that people are interested in the game.”

From left: Krishna Deosaran, Chanderpaul Ramraj and Robin Williams were among the awardees

Singh noted that one of the distinct features of the Lusignan Sports Club is that it is self-sustaining, and that is one of the major factors in the club’s success on and off the field.

“This doesn’t happen in many clubs around Guyana and around the world, where we’re doing everything almost ourselves. There is no special person who is paid to perform a specific duty and that is testimony to how dedicated and committed players and officials are and nobody is paid for these services. Everything the executives and some of the players as well does, they’re doing it off their own time and effort and even money. That is something that is novel, highly complimentary and must be recognised,” Singh explained.

Vice-chairman of the East Coast Cricket Committee, Anil Persaud, congratulated the club on resuming the award ceremony and the cricketers who copped awards.

He said the Committee is keen on youth development and has undertaken to have more coaches qualified along the East Coast corridor. Persaud also commended the club for consistently producing quality young cricketers, some of whom have gone on to represent Guyana.

National youth player Chandrapaul Ramraj, who copped some major awards, had a word of advice for the young members of the club.

“As a player I have been doing a lot of tough training and it has made me very successful, so I just want to say to all the players of the club that you need to work hard and just build on what you know. A new year is coming up and there will be bigger opportunities and options that you can grab, so just stick to what you and listen to all the coaches that you get the opportunity to work with,” Ramraj advised.

The awardees apart, the club has expressed appreciation to members of the corporate community who continue to support the work of the club in keeping young men of the community meaningfully occupied.

From left: Kumar Bishundial, Somnauth Bharatt and Vishnu Ramjeet pose with their awards

Below is the full list of awardees

U-15 players Nicholas Shiopersaud
Chanderpaul Ramraj
Romel Datterdeen
U-17 player Chanderpaul Ramraj
U-19 player Robin Williams
Best Batsman (A Team) Vishnu Ramjeet
Best Batsman (B Team) Navendra Persaud
Best Bowler (A Team) Kumar Bishundial
Best Bowler (B Team) Ferron Kadir
Best Wicketkeeper (A Team) Somnauth Bharratt
Best Wicketkeeper (B Team) Alvin Goriah
Most Discipline Player
Youth Teams Neran Bani
A Team Shazam Ali
B Team Floyd Jones
Most Improved Player (A Team) Vickram Doodnauth
Most Improved Player (B Team) Mike Persaud
Most Committed Youth Fardeen Hasim
Special Awards Gewan Persaud
Shamir Mohamed
Chatterpaul Balkissoon
Sydartha Anandjit
Ferron Kadir
Christopher Singh
Avinash Deonarine
Narvan Singh
Ravi Etwaroo
Yeuraj Khemraj
Vishnu Ramjeet
Kumar Bishundial
Groundsmen Andrew Dhanraj
Mahadeo Roopnarine
Hundreds Krishna Deosaran 118 vs Cane Grove (40-over)
Navendra Persaud 112 vs Clonbrook (40-over)
Robin Williams 119 vs Ogle (U-19)
Leon Morgan 117 vs Ogle (40-over)
Five-wicket hauls Vishnu Ramjeet 5-27 vs Ogle (40-over)
Chanderpaul Ramraj 6-20 vs Cane Grove (40-over)
Rajindra Naikbarran 6-5 vs Lusignan B (100 Balls)
Kumar Bishundial 6-6 vs Enterprise (40-over final)
Vickram Doodnauth 5-34 vs Ogle (U-19)
Rajpaul Basdeo 5-20 vs Mahaica (40-over)
Ferron Kadir 5-38 vs Enmore (Over-40)
Manager of the Year Shamir Mohamed
Most Valuable Player Kumar Bishundial
Supporters Chandricka Harpaul
Ramesh Harpaul
Sackichan Jhagdeo
Rushi Samaroo
Leon Chung
NDC Award Chairman/Rep
Journalists Award Avenash Ramzan
Zaheer Mohamed
Romario Samaroo


Lusignan A Team
63* in third place 100 Balls Shazam Ali
79* vs Better Hope (T20) Krishna Deosaran
66 vs Fairfield (40-over) Gavin Boodwah
63* vs LBI (40-over) Steve Ramdass
44 vs Enterprise (40-over final) Vishnu Ramjeet
62 vs Enterprise (U-15) Chanderpaul Ramraj
4-16 vs Strathavon (40-over) Vickram Doodnauth
72 vs Mahaica Cav (100 Balls) Robin Williams
30 and 2-13 vs Enmore (40-over) Azad Mohamed
47 and 2-32 vs Helena (40-over) Jason Heyliger
66 vs Ogle (T20) Somnauth Bharratt
27 and 2-18 vs Enterprise (T20) Kumar Bishundial
21* and 2-15 vs Ogle (40-over semi-final) Rajindra Naikbaran
2-8 vs Enmore (100 Balls final) Rajpaul Basdeo
Lusignan B Team
52 vs Mahaica SC (100 Balls) Mike Persaud
3-30 vs Enterprise (T20) Karamchan Persaud
3 catches, 1 stumping vs Lusignan East (40-over) Alvin Goriah
72 vs Paradise (40-over) Devanan Samaroo
4-13 vs Lusignan A (100 Balls semi-final) Asif Singh
33 and 2-23 vs Better Hope (T20) Tameshwar Motiram
50 and 2-23 vs Plaisance (40-over) Ferron Kadir
4-13 vs Strathavon (100 Balls) Emran Khan
38 and 2-31 vs Ogle (40-over) Sahadeo Ramkhellawan
4-12 vs Better Hope (T20) Navendra Persaud
3-20 and 22 vs Plaisance (40-over) Steve Alick
3-31 and 27 vs Ogle (40-over) Romel Datterdeen
52 vs Calcutta (40-over) Gewan Persaud
3-32 vs Better Hope (40-over) Deokarran Kumar

Sponsors: Universal Tint Shop, Two Sisters Car Rental, Javid Electronics, Darsho Body Works, Cricket Zone USA, Hanso Fishing Establishment, Singh’s Bicycle Shop, Shamir Lumber Exports, Revision Optical, Prem’s SuperBet, Rajin Construction, Lee Window Factory, SLS International Trading, Nideca Investment and Realty, Busy Bayo Panel Doors, Naven Construction, Route 626 Bar, Keith Wash Bay, Jagdeo General Store and Rajin Construction.

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