Ninvalle charges boxers to qualify for Olympics after GOA’s boost


The Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) is the latest organisation to support the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) in its efforts to have boxers fully prepared for the Olympic Qualifiers in March.

With this latest funding, GBA President, Steve Ninvalle, said it is now over to the boxers to deliver the goods.

In the past, especially after a close loss at a major event, preparation was noted as a key factor. Most disciplines speak of the need for more high performance preparation ahead of international events.

For four Guyanese boxers, Dennis Thomas, Desmond Amsterdam, Colin Lewis and Keevin Allicock, they will get the full exposure in a bid to qualify for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

It is for this reason Ninvalle is taking the stance that is up to the boxers to seal their spots at the games and also place themselves into medal contention.

“I think the three-month training stint is adequate, it is left upon the boxers now. We have given them adequate tools that they would need to take them into the qualifiers and after that other tools will be provided to take them into actually medalling at the Olympics. So it is all left up to the boxers now; I don’t think anyone can say they were deprived of anything,” Ninvalle declared.

The GOA has pledged US$15,000 towards the stint, which adds to the $2.5 million from the National Sports Commission. The GBA will fund the outstanding sum. The total stint costs US$31,000.

According to President of the Guyana Olympic Association, K.A. Juman-Yassin, “In going to Cuba, the exposure will be immense, the range and variety of sparring partners we don’t have that in Guyana; the discipline, the medical check-ups and everything about the programme is much better than what we have here so I have no doubt the stint for three months will serve them well.”

The GOA head added, “It is also important for coaches to go to Cuba so that they would be able to learn and when they come back they would be able to implement here and if they can implement, I hope they would agitate so that what they see there we can also have in Guyana.”

Technical Director Terrence Poole, reaffirmed the need for lengthy preparation. Poole will also travel with the quartet, while Sebert Blake should join during the latter half of the stint.

The Olympic Qualifiers will be held from March 26 to April 3, 2020, in Argentina. The aim of the GBA is to have Guyanese boxers qualify for the Olympics for the first time since 1996 when John Douglas represented Guyana at the games.

The contingent is expected to leave Guyana for Cuba on December 29.

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