Man found dead in trench at Ogle


A man believed to be in his early 50s was found dead in a trench a stone’s throw away from his home on Christmas morning. He has been identified as Brahma Mangal of Lot 30 Area D Ogle Front, East Coast Demerara. 

A relative, Pandit Deodatt Tillack, told the News Room that Mangal went missing on Monday and had the family worried.

“When he didn’t come home Monday or yesterday my family went and make a report at the police station,” Tillack said.

He said the family was in anticipation that he would return.

“We were concerned if somebody carry him away.”

Tillack said Mangal has been a drunk for the longest while. When the family woke up Wednesday morning, they were not expecting to find Mangal’s body floating in a nearby trench.

Tillack said another relative saw something in the trench and decided the investigate and found the body.

Police investigations are ongoing.

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