New Amsterdam Hospital welcomes two Christmas babies


Two baby girls were delivered at the New Amsterdam on Christmas Day, while two others are expected to give birth later in the night.

The first Christmas baby was born to 20-year-old Debra Douglas of Ulverson Villlage, East Berbice Corentyne while the second was born to 21-year-old Mamta Baijnauth of Albion.

Speaking with the News Room, first time mother Baijnauth said she was excited to give birth a December 25th baby.

Debra Douglas

She noted initially she was not anticipating to deliver on Christmas Day, but she was thankful to have given birth to her first child, one that is healthy.

She expressed gratitude to the nurses of the maternity unit who she said took care and caution with her.

Her baby whom she will Jasmine was born at 12:45 hrs at 2kg 700g.

Baby Jasmine

Meanwhile Douglas, who gave birth to her third child said she began experiencing labor pains on Christmas Eve and went to her health center where nurses advised her to go to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

She gave birth at 09:30 hrs to a beautiful baby girl weighing 3kg 120g.

Douglas said she feels blessed to have delivered a child during this special season of joy and goodwill.

Many close relatives eagerly waited outside the delivery room as they celebrated in the joy of the births.

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