President joins Christmas morning worshippers


President David Granger and his daughter, Ms. Afuwa Granger on Christmas morning, joined worshipers at St. Matthew’s Parish Church, Providence Public Road, East Bank Demerara, for Christmas Day Mass.

President Granger, in a brief address, expressed hope that with the advent of oil production, Guyana will become more developed and peaceful and that unemployment, illiteracy, school dropout and other societal ills will be eradicated.

Reverend Clarence Narain praying for President David Granger.

“Although this is the celebration of Christ’s birthday, in a way …by announcing National Petroleum Day, it’s a celebration of what Guyana will become over the next ten years. It will become a move developed country and I hope it will become a more peaceful country where we eradicate some of the crime we have been seeing,” he said.

He said he is optimistic that Guyana will become a more educated nation, so that illiteracy and school dropout are reduced; a more developed economy, so that our children can become employed after leaving school and a more equal country, so that there is less inequality.

President David Granger greets this lad during the Christmas Day Mass.

The Head of State, told the congregation that he is pleased that he made the recent announcement so close to Christmas.

“I associate the two; that just as Christ has come into the world to make peace …, in Guyana we will have abundant resources to provide a better life for you and your children,” he said.

Reverend Clarence Narain officiated over the service during which prayers were offered to President Granger and members of the congregation.

(Ministry of the Presidency)

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