Six Christmas babies delivered at GPHC


At 07:00hrs on December 25, 2019, staff of the Georgetown Public Hospital happily welcomed six newborns. Four of them were brought into the world by natural birth while the remaining two were birthed via cesarean section.

The first mother to give birth on Christmas Day was Sarah Beckharry to a son at 00:38hrs. She was followed by Oshana Bruce at 02:13hrs and Aliyah Bacchus at 03:25hrs both giving birth to sons as well.

First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger interacts with a smiling Sarah Beekharry, who delivered the first baby on Christmas Day at 12:38 am. (DPI Photo)

The mothers who underwent cesarean section were Premattie Mahadeo who delivered a girl at 04:00hrs and Marcelle Josiah a boy at 05:52hrs.

The last mother to give birth was Shameza Wiltshire at exactly 07:00hrs.

Shortly after this, First Lady Sandra Granger and Minister of State Dawn Hastings-Williams visited the ward where the mothers and their babies were at rest. As is customary the mothers received maternity hampers for themselves and their babies.

First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger, interacts with Melissa Boyce, who delivered her baby on Christmas Eve.

The First Lady and the State Minister took the opportunity to visit the paediatric ward to extend Christmas wishes to staff and patients there.

(Department of Public Information)

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