‘The human spirit and the Christmas message must prevail’ – GAWU


Full statement from the Guyana Agriculture and General Workers Union (GAWU):

Christmas, as we know, is associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. His religion – Christianity – has survived many trials in its history and is known for many values humanity has embraced. Among these are peace and empathy for the poor and vulnerable. Today, in the Middle Eastern lands where Jesus Christ was born and where he lived we see continuous conflict and turmoil. Thousands are losing their lives, losing their homes and meagre possessions and forced to contend with dire circumstances.

In our Guyana, at the present time, we are witnessing growing intolerance and escalating economic pressures; unemployment and high-handedness stalk many communities. In this season, we see the heartless measure whereby sugar workers remain jobless and clueless about the future. Really, this will be the most challenging Christmas for the Guyanese working-class.

The human spirit, however, knows how to overcome adversity. Ways and means must once again be found to deal with our misfortunes. This is the season of hope and we must resolve to never give up.It must be noted that Jesus is regarded as a type of Religious rebel who confronted courageously the Roman rulers on behalf of the oppressed. Hope dwelt amongst them.

With the foregoing sentiments uppermost in our thoughts, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) joins the Christian community in celebration, yet again, in this season of Christmas. We wish, indeed, all Guyanese a joyous season. This season now transcends its origins as all Guyanese seem to be caught up in some aspect of the celebration whether in church, home or community. Christmas signals the closure of 2019 a year of severe challenges for the masses of Guyanese. It also brings us to the threshold of a New Year, which if it is to be a better year requires our united struggles and selfless efforts.

The celebration of Christmas 2019 embraced by so many, presents the opportunity for togetherness to prevail over selfishness, political high-handedness and discrimination and set our nation on the path to harmony and strive to ensure that peace and goodwill among men and women prevail.

A joyful Christmas and a New Year of Hope from GAWU – to all Guyana!

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