63 beach murders: Canada-based Guyanese had two toes severed; other man was tied to post in balcony


New details have emerged into the gruesome murder of two men at the famous #63 beach on the Corentyne Coast; Police Friday discovered the badly decomposed bodies in a building.

Police have revealed that Canada-based Guyanese, Vivekanand Narpatty, was found dead with two toes from his left foot severed; one was seen next to his body and the other was not located. Narpatty was wearing a red t-Shirt and a pair of brown short pants.

The other person, still unidentified, was found 15 feet away from Narpatty’s body. Both hands were tied behind the back and onto a post in the balcony; the right foot was also bounded to the said post with a rope. The left foot was completely severed from the ankle.

The body was facing downward; he was clad in a short brown pants only.

Police found blood spattered on the wall and floor of the southeastern bedroom which was occupied by Narpatty. Both bodies were in a highly decomposed state.

The News Room had previously reported that Narpatty, called Vico, aged 68, was on vacation in Guyana and was staying at Sunsplash Holiday Beach Resort, which he once operated. The business was no longer functioning, and his relatives said it was his intention to renovate the facility.

Police believe that the unidentified male was one of Narpattty’s workers.

Police had estimated that the men were killed about a week ago.

Narpatty came to Guyana on December 20.

The bodies were discovered at around noon on Friday on the second flat in the Balcony area.

The bodies are presently at Bailey’s Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination.

No arrests have been made in the case.

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